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        ( )1.A.my B.his C.you D.her

        ( )2.A.what B.his C.your D.my

        ( )3.A.telephone B.card C.clock D.family

        ( )4.A.number B.eight C.seven D.six

        ( )5.A.two B.four C.six D.nine

        ( )6.A.Peter B.Amy C.Linda D.Mary

        ( )7.A.Smith B.Bill C.Brown D.Bush

        ( )8.A.first name B.last name C.family name D.phone number


        Barry Vickers Tony Green Michael

        Bill Paula Jones Mark Amy

        Gina Liza Peter Smith Linda

        Brown Cooper Black Grace Mary

        First name boys’ name (9)

        girls’ name (10)

        last name (11)


        12.____-two=two 13.____+one=nine 14.Nine-____=six

        15.____+four=six 16.____-six=three 17.Five+____=six

        18.One-one=____ 19.Four+four=____ 20.Eight-three=____


        21.What ________ your name? 22.My name ________ Tom.

        23.I ________ John Brown. 24.Her name ________ Lucy.

        25.________ his name Peter? 26.________ you Kate?

        27.My phone number ________ 2836579. 28.It ________ my English book.

        29.His family name ________ White. 30.I ________ in Grade One.


        ( )31.________ your name,please? My name is Jim.

        A.What B.What’s C.Who D.Who’s

        ( )32.I am ________ ,I am an English boy.

        A.John Brown B.Brown John

        C.Gina Green D.Green Gina

        ( )33.My mother is Alice Johnson. ________ phone number is 2546809.

        A.His B.Your C.Her D.Its

        ( )34.I ________ Ken. My family name ________ Martin.

        A.am,am B.is,is C.is,am D.am, is

        ( )35.— Good morning,Miss Gao!

        — ________!

        A.Hello B.Hi

        C.Good morning D.Thank you

        ( )36.— Nice to meet you.

        — ________.

        A.Thank you B.The same to you

        C.Don’t say so D.Nice to meet you,too

        ( )37.________ name is Mark and ________ name is Liza.

        A.His,his B.Her,her C.His,her D.Her,his

        ( )38.— What’s your car number?

        — ________ 321471.

        A.I’m B.It’s C.Its D.My car is

        ( )39.— Hello,Jim.

        — ________.

        A.Yes B.Thank you C.Hello,Kate D.Yes,Kate

        ( )40.— Sit down,please.

        — ________.

        A.Yes B.No C.Fine D.Thank you

        ( )41.I ________ Tom. What ________ your name?

        A.am,am B.am,is C.is,is D.is, am

        ( )42.“Sit down,please. ”“ ________ .”

        A.Fine B.Thank you C.Thanks you D.Yes

        ( )43.“What’s this? ”“ ________. ”

        A.It’s pen B.This is pen C.It’s a pen D.This is an pen

        ( )44.“What’s that? ”“ ________. ”

        A.It’s milk B.That is a milk C.It’s a milk D.That’s an milk

        ( )45.________ is my friend.

        A.Mr. Frank B.Frank Mr. C.Mr. Black D.Black Mr.

        ( )46.________ is a good friend.

        A.Michael B.Colin C.Walter D.Tina

        ( )47.I’m an English boy. My name’s ________.

        A.Amy B.David C.Nancy D.Julia

        ( )48.What color is our national(國家的)flag? It’s ________.

        A.a red B.red C.orange D.an orange

        ( )49.Let’s ________ the map.

        A.look B.look at C.look to D.see

        ( )50.What’s this ________ ? It’s a hat.

        A.in the English B.in English

        C.for English D.at English


        51.name, is, her, family, James (.)

        52.name, Green, Jim, my, is (.)

        53.to, you, morning, good (.)

        54.nice, you, meet, to, too (.)

        55.name, her, is, what (?)

        56.blue, is, pencil, case, my (.)

        57.and, Amy, he, friends, good, are (.)

        58.look, the, at, let’s, phone (.)

        59.the, color, picture, please, red (.)

        60.English, your, is, what, name (?)



        His name is John.


        His telephone number is 2896436.


        My family name is Perez.


        His car number is 461488.


        My first name is Alice.


        A.It’s Kay. B.Nice to see you, Beth. C.Nice to meet you, too.

        D.It’s green. E.I’m Eli. F.Thank you.

        G.It’s a hat. H.That’s right. I.Yes. J—A —M—E—S, James.

        J.It’s Dianhua. K.All right. L.That’s all right.

        66.What’s your name, please? 67.Sorry, I am late.

        68.Who’s that? 69.What’s this?

        70.Nice to meet you. 71.Can you spell your name?

        72.Draw a TV, please. 73.What color is it?

        74.What’s the Chinese for“phone”? 75.This is Beth, John.



        Jim: Good morning!

        Gao: Good morning! 76 Gao Hui. 77 your name, please?

        Jim: Jim Green.

        Gao: Jim, please 78 down.

        Jim: 79 you, Miss Gao.

        Gao: Welcome 80 our school!

        76.________ 77.________ 78.________ 79.________ 80.________



        Her 81 name is Mary. Her 82 name is Brown. 83 is 13. She 84 in Class Three, Grade One. 85 telephone number is 3261058.

        ( )81.A.first B.family C.last

        ( )82.A.first B.family C.English

        ( )83.A.Her B.It C.She

        ( )84.A.is B.am C.are

        ( )85.A.Her B.She C.His


        A: Good morning!

        B: 86

        A: 87 your name, please?

        B: 88 name is Amy. And you?

        A: I 89 Peter. Nice to meet you.

        B: 90 .

        A: What’s this 91 English?

        B: It’s 92 .

        A: And 93 this in the picture?

        B: 94 Kate. She’s English.

        A: Thank you very much.

        B: 95 .

        ( )86.A.Thanks B.Thank you C.Good morning D.I’m nice

        ( )87.A.What B.What’s C.Who D.Who’s

        ( )88.A.I B.I’m C.My D.My is

        ( )89.A.am B.is C.name D.name’s

        ( )90.A.Nice to meet you, too B.Thanks

        C.Thank you D.You are very nice

        ( )91.A.for B.at C.in D.with

        ( )92.A.picture B.a picture C.the picture D.an picture

        ( )93.A.What B.What’s C.Who D.Who’s

        ( )94.A.It’s B.Its C.It D.He’s

        ( )95.A.Ok B.All right C.That’s all right D.Right



        My name is Charlie Street. I’m not twelve. I am eleven. I’m not in Grade Eight. I am in Grade Seven. I’m in Class Two. My teacher isn’t Miss Black. My teacher is Mr Grey. My phone number is 6688469.


        96.What is my last name? ________

        97.How old am I? ________

        98.What grade am I in? In Grade ________.

        99.Who is my teacher? ________ ________.

        100.What class am I in? In Class ________


        Good afternoon, boys and girls. I’m Li Hong. I’m an English boy. Li Hong is my Chinese name. Look, this is a picture of my family. The tall man is my father. His name is Ken Martin. This is my mother, Sandy Jordan. Who’s that little girl? She is my sister, Lucy. Can you find me in the picture? I’m the boy in blue.


        ( )101.This is ________ family.

        A.a Chinese B.an English C.a Japanese D.an American

        ( )102.There are ________ people(人)in the picture.

        A.one B.two C.three D.four

        ( )103.________ is my father.

        A.Sandy B.Ken C.Mrs. Martin D.Mr. Jordan

        ( )104.________ is my mother.

        A.Sandy B.Ken C.Mrs. Martin D.Mr. Jordan

        ( )105.What color am I in? I am in ________.

        A.brown B.black C.blue D.red



        Good morning, class! __


       、.1.C 2.A 3.D 4.A 5.D 6.A 7.B 8.D

       、.9.Barry, Vickers, Tony, Micheal, Bill, Mark, Peter.

        10.Paula, Jones, Amy, Gina, Liza, Linda, Mary.

        11.Green, Smith, Brown, Cooper, Black, Grace.

       、.12.Four 13.Eight 14.three 15.Two 16.Nine 17.one 18.zero 19.eight 20.five

       、.21.is 22.is 23.am 24.is 25.Is 26.Are 27.is 28.is 29.is 30.am

       、.31.B(what’s是what is的縮寫)



        34.D(am與I連用,my family name是單數名詞)

        35.C(Good morning的答語)

        36.D(Nice to meet you的答語)


        38.B(It指代my car number)



        41.B(am與I連用,your name是第三人稱單數,be動詞用is)








        49.B(look at看……)

        50.B(in English用英語說)

       、.51.Her family name is James.

        52.My name is Jim Green.

        53.Good morning to you.

        54.Nice to meet you,too.

        55.What is her name?

        56.My pencil case is blue.

        57.Amy and he are good friends.

        58.Let’s look at the phone.

        59.Color the picture red,please.

        60.What is your English name?

       、.61.What’s his name?

        62.What’s his telephone number?

        63.What’s your family name?

        64.What’s his car number?

        65.What’s your first name?

       、.66.E 67.L 68.A 69.G 70.C 71.I 72.K 73.D 74.J 75.B

       、.76.I’m 77.What’s 78.sit 79.Thank 80.to

       、.81.A(first name表示“名”)

        82.B(family name表示“姓”)




        86.C(Good morning!的答語)

        87.B(What’s是what is的縮寫)

        88.C(my name我的名字)


        90.A(Nice to meet you的答語)

        91.C(in English用英語)

        92.B(a picture一幅圖)


        94.A(It’s是It is的縮寫)

        95.C(That’s all right不用謝)

       、.96.Street(由Charlie Street可知)

        97.Eleven(由I am eleven可知)

        98.Seven(由I am in Grade Seven可知)

        99.Mr. Grey(由My teacher is Mr Grey可知)

        100.Two(由I’m in Class Two可知)

        101.B(由I’m an English boy可知)


        103.B(由His name is Ken Martin可知)

        104.A(由This is my mother,Sandy Jerdan可知)


       、.One possible version:

        Good morning,class! My name is Li Lei. I am a Chinese boy. My father’s name is Li Changjiang. My mother is Liu Huiying. My telephone number is 8989224.



        ( )1.Alice is _____English girls. Li Ying is _____Chinese girl.

        A. a, aB. an, anC. an, aD. a, an

        ( )2. Could you help _____, Please?

        A. sheB. hisC. meD. I

        ( )3. Look! They ____with a ball.

        A. play B. plays C. playing D. are playing

        ( )4. _____ the boys like living in China?

        A. DoesB. DoC. AreD. Would

        ( )5.She likes ____books.

        A. reads B. read C. to read D. reading

        ( )6. Look at Millie. is a student. hair is black.

        A. She, She B. She, Her C. Her, Her D. Her, She

        ( )7. What day is it today?

        A. It’s September 12B. It’s sevenC. It’s FridayD. It’s Sunny

        ( )8. There is a clock the wall in our classroom.

        A. of B. in C. on D. between

        ( )9. There aren’t maps in the classroom, but there are pictures.

        A. some; any B. some; some C. any; someD. any; any

        ( )10.Jenny has ____hair.

        A. blond longB. long blondC. big blondD. blond big

        ( )11. Here is a new bag _____ you.

        A. to B. from C. on D. for

        ( )12. Danny gets up ____8:00 ____the morning.

        A. in, inB. at, atC. at, inD. at, on

        ( )13. There a teacher and three boys over there.

        A. be B. is C. am D. are

        ( )14. —What is your father? — .

        A. He’s at home B. He’s a teacher.

        C. She’s a teacher D. He’s in his school

        ( )15.Please ______ the picture. It is very beautiful.

        A. look at B. look C. have a look D. See

        ( )16. There aren’t____windows inmyroom. Are there ___windows in your room?

        A. some, someB. any, anyC. some, anyD. any, some

        ( )17 .Look! It’s a photo _______ my family.

        A. in B. of C. on D to

        ( )18. It’s cold today._______ the window, please.

        A.Open B. Opens C. Close D. Closes

        ( )19. Let’s go to the store ____. It’s near here.

        A. on footB. by busC. walkD. on feet

        ( )20.My father ____a car. He ____to work.

        A. have, drive B. has, by car C. has, drives D. have, by car


        Jack is eleven years old. He is a middle school 43. He goes to school by bicycle every 44. His bike is very45. One day his bike is broken . So (于是) his father wants to buy a new bicycle for 46. On a Sunday morning , Jack and his father go to the department _47_ .Jack sees _48_ good bicycles. He chooses (選擇) a blue_49_, because he likes blue50. “How much is it?” says his father . “365 yuan,” says the salesman . “I’ll take the bicycle .” Jack is very 51. He rides his new bicycle to his home . Now he goes to school 52his new bike every day.

       。ǎ43. A. boyB. studentC. girlD. teacher

       。ǎ44. A. DayB. monthC. yearD. /

       。ǎ45. A. newB. brokenC. fineD. old

       。ǎ46. A. herB. themC. himD. me

       。ǎ47. A. shopB. storeC. officeD. palace

       。ǎ48. A. manyB. anyC. muchD. a lot

       。ǎ49. A. itB. thatC. thisD. one

       。ǎ50. A. readyB. a lotC. rightD . then

       。ǎ51. A .happyB. sadC. tiredD. bad

       。ǎ52. A. inB. onC byD. for



        Mr Bruce Green and Mrs Mary Green come from the U.K.. They have two children, their son is Jim. He is fifteen years old. Kate is Jim’s sister. She is thirteen. Mr Green works in No. 5 Middle school. Jim and Kate study in their mother’s school, but they are in different grades(年級). Jim is in Grade Two, and Kate is in Grade One. Jim and I are in the same class. Kate goes to school with us every day. They are my good friends. They like China very much.

        ()53. The Green family are living in ____ now.

        A. America B. England C. China D. Japan

        ()54. Mr Green has ____ children.

        A. one B. two C. three D. four

        ()55. Jim, Kate and I are in____ .

        A. the same school B. the same class C. different schools D. the same house

        ()56. ____ go to school together every day.

        A. Two people(人) B. Only one child C. Three people D. Five people

        ()57. Jim and Kate ____.

        A. like China B. don’t like China C. don’t like school D. are not friends


        Peter was a small boy. He lived with his parents in a small house near some hills. The people there were all poor.One night it was very dry and windy.When everybody was asleep, Peter suddenly heard some noise. It came out from the kitchen. He got up and walked to the kitchen. He found that the wood beside the stove (火爐) was burning . There was no water tap (水龍頭) in the house , so he could not put out (撲滅) the fire . He shouted loudly to wake up everyone in the house. Then he ran out of his house and knocked on the doors of many houses to wake the people up. They all left their houses quickly.

        At last the fire was put out by the firemen. Many houses were burnt. But nobody was burnt in the fire.

        1.Peter lived with his______.

        A.sisters B.brothers C.uncles D.parents

        2.One night he found that______ beside the stove was burning.

        A.the table B.the wood C.the door D.the window

        3.______, so he could not put out the fire.

        A.Everybody was asleep

        B.He couldnt shout loudly

        C.The kitchen was very big

        D.there was no water tap in the house

        4.Peter knocked on the doors of many houses______.

        A.to wake the people up

        B.to get some water

        C.to find his classmates

        D.to visit them

        5.______hurt in the fire.

        A.People in other houses were B.Peters parents were

        C.Nobody was D.Peter was


        Mother: Dear son, _38_

        Son: I’m watching some pictures on line, Mum.

        Mother: Supper is ready. Please have supper .

        Son: OK, Mum

        Mother: What pictures , my dear?

        Son: _39_

        Mother: Oh, this is Yao Ming. He plays basketball very well.

        Son: Great. I like him very much. But do you know where he is now?

        Mother: Of course. _40_

        Son: __41__

        Mother: Sorry. _42_

        Son: Ha…Let me tell you. He is 2.26meterstall.

        Mother: Well ,have supper quickly.

        A. what are you doing ?

        B. He is in the U.S..

        C. They are about sport stars (體育明星)

        D. What’s the matter?

        E. Can you tell me ?

        F. Do you know how tall he is?


        My right foot hurts. (一般問句)

        ______ your right foot ______?

        Those are apples. (變單數句)

        ______ is _____________.

        This coat is fifty yuan. (劃線部分提問)

        ______ ______ is this coat?

        There are some books on my shelves. (同意句轉換)

        ______ ______ some books ______ the shelves.

        There are four children on the playground. (劃線部分提問)

        _______ ______ children ______ _____ on the playground?



        I _______ ________ do my English homework.


        I think I have ________ ________ rules in my house


        What do you ________ ________ your English class?






        My Family Rules. (假如你是Mike,家里有很多約束,你寫信給你的筆友John,傾訴你內心的`煩惱和不快。開頭已給出)

        Dear, John,






        53~57CBACA 1~5 DBDAC


        五、Does; hurt That;an apple How much I have ; on How many ; are there

        六、1.Have to ; 2.too many 3. think of ; 4.His birthday is November 1st.

        5. What’s the time now/ what time is it now? It’s eight fifteen /It’s a quarter past eight.


        Dear John,

        I’m not happy. I have too many rules at home. I have to get up at 6:00 every morning. I have to come home early after school and do my homework until 10:00 p.m. There is too much homework for me to do . I can’t meet my friends on weekends. I even can’t play soccer after school. I can’t watch TV on weekends. I have to clean my room and wash my clothes. I have to learn the piano on Sundays. I never have any fun. What can I do? Please help me.




        第一部分 選擇題(共55分)


        第一部分 聽對話回答問題 (計10分)


        ( )1. What does Tom’s father do?

        A. B. C.

        ( )2. What does Kate like doing?

        A. B. C.

        ( )3. How does the girl come to school every day?

        A. B. C.

        ( )4. What is the weather like today?

        A. B. C.

        ( )5. What’s Tom’s father like?

        A. Fat. B. Short. C. Thin.

        ( )6. What does the boy want to be when he grows up?

        A. A doctor. B. A player. C. A teacher.

        ( )7. How much does the woman need to pay?

        A. Seven yuan. B. Twenty-three yuan. C. Sixteen yuan.

        ( )8. How long is the shopping mall open?

        A.10 hours. B. 12 hours. C. 11 hours.

        ( )9. Where are they?

        A. In a fast food shop. B. In the hospital. C. In the school.

        ( )10. What’s Tim’s favourite subject?

        A. Art B. Maths C. English

        第二部分 聽對話和短文回答問題(每小題1分,滿分10分)



        ( )11.Where is Amy going?

        A. A fruit shop B.A food shop C.A bus stop

        ( )12.How many people are going shopping together finally(最終)?

        A. One B. Two C. Four


        A photo of Ann’s family

        Ann She is. __13__.

        Her mother She is watching TV.

        Her grandmother She is__14__.

        Her father He is reading an interesting book.

        Her brother He is playing with__15__.

        ( )13. A. doing housework B. doing homework C. doing cleaning

        ( )14. A. watching TV B. playing computer games C. reading a book

        ( )15. A. some stickers B. his toys C. his teddy bear


        ( )16. Mike comes to China because .

        A. his parents work in China B. he likes to learn Chinese C. he likes China

        ( )17. Mike has hair.

        A. black B. yellow C. brown

        ( )18. Mike enjoys playing with Peter.

        A. football B. basketball C. volleyball

        ( )19. At the weekend, Mike often does his homework .

        A. at his home B. in the library C. at Peter’s home

        ( )20. Mike often helps Peter learn .

        A. English B. Chinese C. History


        ( )21. —What would you like for __________ breakfast every day?

        —Two pieces of bread and _________ cup of milk.

        A. a; the B. /; the C. /; a D. a; a

        ( )22. —Ram is very strong.

        — He’s a superman! He _______ goes to the doctor.

        A. usually B. always C. often D. seldom

        ( )23. — How many ____________ will you buy at the supermarket? —Five.

        A. cartons of oranges B. cartons of orange

        C. carton of oranges D. carton of orange

        ( )24.I want to buy some hair clips different from _________.

        A. you B.yours C. your’s D. your

        ( )25. —_________ is your father?

        — The man on the right wearing blue jeans.

        A. Where B. Whose C. What D. Which

        ( )26.一Can the little boy_______ English?

        一Yes.He often_______ hello to me in English.

        A.say;speaks B.tell;says C. speak;says D. talk;speaks

        ( )27.There _____ a lot of delicious food on the table and there ______ a lot of people around the table.

        A. are, is B. is, are C. are, are D. is, is

        ( )28. Mum,________ at 6:30 tomorrow morning.

        A. waking me up B. wake up me C. wake me up D. wakes me up

        ( )29.RT-Supermarket _______at 9 a.m. and it ______ for 10 hours every weekend.

        A.opens;opens B. opens;is open C.is open;opens D. open;is open

        ( )30. We will have a basketball ______ the afternoon _______ 2nd February.

        A. in; in B. at; in C. on; of D. on; on

        ( )31.---May I have ______ milk? ---Sorry, we don’t have ________.

        A. some, any B. any, some C. some, some D. any, any

        ( )32. - Excuse me, I’d like a pair of black shoes.

        -What about this _______? You can try ______ on.

        A. one, it B. pair, it C. one, them D. pair, them

        ( )33. About _________ films will be on show during the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival(第18屆上海國際電影節) in 2015.

        A. two thousand of B. two thousands of C. two thousand D. two thousands

        ( )34. How much _______an iphone6_______? ---Over 5000 yuan.

        A.is, cost B. does, spend C. does, take D. does, cost

        ( )35. —Mum, I’m going for Jim’s birthday party. I’ll be back before 9:00.


        A. Come home early! B. Be careful! C. Have great fun! D. Really?


        Sheepdogs are very important to farmers. Sheepdogs help farmers to find their__36__and bring them back to the farm.

        Mike, a farmer from a___37__, has a very clever and honest sheepdog__38___ Bobby. He has built a little but__39___ house for Bobby and he treats the dog as a family ___40___. He often says. “Bobby is the best dog in the world. He works hard and__41___ my sheep very well.” If the dog house is__42___. Mike knows Bobby must be with his sheep.

        Mike__43__ with Bobby through whistles(口哨).Bobby can understand many different orders from those whistles. And Bobby can __44__express(表達) himself by barking(狗叫)or __45__ other actions.

        ( )36. A. villagers B. dogs C. farmers D. sheep

        ( )37. A. village B. city C. park D. bank

        ( )38. A. aged B. dressed C. called D. showed

        ( )39. A. big B. expensive C. comfortable D. terrible

        ( )40. A. member B. menu C. number D. friend

        ( )41. A. looks out B. looks after C. takes back D.takes away

        ( )42. A. full B. clean C. empty D. dirty

        ( )43. A. chats B. speaks C. catches D. says

        ( )44. A. also B. too C. as D. well

        ( )45. A. doing B. to do C. to doing D. do



        Look at the two posters about Sunshine Theatre( 劇院 ) and Moonlight Theatre:

        Welcome to Sunshine Party!

        Time: 1:30p.m.- 8:30p.m.,June 1st Happy

        Place: Sunshine Theatre Children’s

        Activities: Singing, dancing, a magic(魔法) Day

        show and a fashion show

        Welcome to Moonlight Party!

        Happy Time: 2:30p.m.-10:30 p.m., June 1st

        Children’s Place: Moonlight Theatre

        Day Activities: 3 cartoon films and a fashion show

        ( ) 46.Both the two theatres will celebrate _________.

        A.Children’s Day B. Teachers’ Day

        C. Christmas Day D. Spring Festival

        ( ) 47. In Sunshine Theatre, you can’t ________.

        A. watch a film B. watch a fashion show

        C. listen to music D. enjoy a magic show

        ( ) 48. When does the celebration finish in Moonlight Theatre?

        A. 10:30a.m. B. 10:30 p.m. C. 8:30p.m. D. 2:30p.m.

        ( )49. How long does the party last(持續) in Sunshine Theatre?

        A. Seven hours. B. Six hours. C. Eight hours. D. Ten hours.

        ( ) 50. Children can _____ in both the two theatres.

        A. enjoy a fashion show B. play games

        C. watch a cartoon film D. sing songs


        Many parents today worry about their childrens diets. Then what is a healthy diet for children? Miss Jones from Happy Children Hospital gives the following advice(下面的建議):

        ◆ Children shouldnt eat food with too much salt, because it can cause(引起) high blood pressure(高血壓).

        ◆ Children should eat food with less fat, oil and sugar. They should not eat too much junk food.

        ◆ Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins. Children need to eat fruit and vegetables often.

        ◆ Water is important to everyone. Children need to drink enough water every day.

        ◆ Children need to eat breakfast every day. It is good for their bodies and minds.

        ( )51.Miss Jones can be(可能是) a __________.

        A. teacher B. doctor C. farmer D. cook

        ( )52. What does the underlined word " junk food " mean in Chinese?

        A. 綠色食品 B.垃圾食品 C.天然食品 D.營養食品

        ( )53. According to Miss Jones, children should drink________ every day.

        A. enough juice B. enough water C. enough coffee D. enough milk

        ( )54. Which kind of food is rich in vitamins?

        A. water B. junk food C. sugar D. fruit and vegetables

        ( )55. What is the best title of the passage(這篇文章的最佳題目)?

        A. Bad Habits B. Junk Food

        C. Advice on a Healthy Diet D. A bad Lifestyle

        第二部分 非選擇題(共45分)


        A) 根據括號內的中文提示完成下列句子

        1. People in the big cities live a ___________(現代的) life.

        2. I seldom eat sweets because they are bad for my ____________ (牙齒).

        3. Young people like sports, and trainers are popular among _________(他們).

        4.Drinking a glass of water every morning is good for our __________(健康).

        5.---Do you know Tokyo?

        ---Yes, of course. It’s the _________(首都) of Japan.


        6. It takes him about twenty minutes _________ (get) to school.

        7. Thank you for __________ (share) your story book with me ,Sandy.

        8. He often with his friends ________(fly) kites in the park.

        9. We will celebrate our uncle’s _________(49)birthday tomorrow.

        10. —Where’s Millie?

        —Oh,she (wait)for Amy at the school gate.


        Every year, people in the USA celebrate many festivals. On January 1st they welcome the coming of a new year like many people in other countries. April Fool’s Day is on April 1st. On that day, people often play tricks on their friends. Labor Day is on the first Monday of September. People enjoy themselves with their friends and families. They go for boating, picnics, fireworks and much more.

        People celebrate some festivals for their family members. Children say thanks to their mother on Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May and they say thanks to their fathers on the third Sunday in June. On the fourth Thursday in November, people come back home for Thanksgiving Day, so the whole family can stay together and have a big dinner.

        There are some interesting festivals for children. For example, Halloween comes at the end of October. Children often play with pumpkin lanterns and wear all kinds of special masks and clothes.

        The most important festival in the USA is Christmas. After a year of work and study, people can enjoy a long holiday, and stay with family members and friends.

        Some Festivals in the (11)_________

        Name (12)_______ Activities

        New Year’s Day January 1st To celebrate the (13) ______of the new year.

        April Fool’s Day April 1st To play tricks on their(14) _______.

        Labor Day The first Monday September To have (15) ________with friends and families.

        (16)_______Day The second Sunday in May To say thanks to mothers

        Father’s Day The (17) ________ Sunday in June To say thanks to fathers.

        Thanksgiving Day The fourth Thursday

        in November To have a big (18)_______ with family members.

        Halloween October 31st To play with pumpkin lanterns and wear special (19)_______and clothes.

        Christmas December (20)_______ To enjoy a long holiday.

        11.__________ 12.__________ 13.__________ 14.__________ 15.__________

        16.__________ 17.__________ 18.__________ 19.__________ 20.__________


        Jack exercises every morning, and he comes back home from school on foot every afternoon. He often says, “It’s important to exercise.” So he is very healthy. He often eats fish and rice, because fish and rice are healthy food and they can give him lots of energy. He seldom eats snacks, biscuits, cakes or some other sweet snacks because the sweet food isn’t healthy.

        Jack loves watching TV. He watches TV over 4 hours every day. And he goes to sleep very late. He sleeps for 6 hours every night. It’s not enough. He plans to change it.

        Answer these questions:(no more than four words)

        21. How does Jack come back home from school every afternoon?


        22. What does Jack often eat?


        23. Why does Jack seldom eat biscuits, cakes or other sweet snacks?


        24. What does Jack love doing?


        25. How long does Jack sleep every night?



        I am near-sighted(近視), and my eyesight(視力) is getting worse, because I play too many computer games and watch too m 26 TV. I really play computer games a l 27 . There are so many i 28 games , and I spend most of my time in p 29 them. W 30 I play computer games, I always forget about my other plans. I also like watching TV. I s 31 even turn on my TV when I am doing my homework and my seat is only one metre a 32 from the TV set and I keep watching it for hours at night .

        I feel bad when I can’t s 33 the words on the blackboard. I worry about my eyesight, but I don’t want to w 34 glasses because I think they are not beautiful. Now I know how important it is to love our e 35 .

        26.__________ 27.__________ 28.__________ 29.__________ 30.___________

        31.__________ 32.__________ 33.__________ 34.__________ 35.___________


        假如Simon是你的好朋友,請根據要點提示,以“My Friend Simon”為題寫一篇短文。

        注意:1. 要點齊全,語句通順,意思連貫。2. 詞數80左右。

        Simon 14歲,和家人住在泰興市中心。

        school life 他在陽光中學上學,擅長于語文,是學校閱讀俱樂部的成員,每周二下午做課外活動。

        hobby 經常去購物中心。認為那是一個會見朋友的好地方。



        plan 想當一名籃球運動員,周末練習打籃球,希望夢想成真。

        My Friend Simon





        第一部分 聽對話回答問題 (計10分)


        1. W: What does your father do, Tom?

        M: he is a teacher. he teaches maths.

        2. W: What do you often do in your free time, kate?

        M: I often design fashionable clothes.

        3. M: Do you go to school by bike?

        W: No, my home is not far, so I go to school on foot.

        4. W: Wow! Its snowing! Why not go to make a snowman?

        M: Sounds great.

        5. W: Why does your father usually go shopping on foot, Tom?

        M: Because he’s too fat and he needs to exercise more.

        6. W: Do you want to be a basketball player when you grow up?

        M: Yes, you know I’m very good at ball games.

        7. W: How much do I need to pay?

        M: Let me see. Seven yuan for the cards and sixteen yuan for the CDs.

        8. W: The shopping mall is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

        M: Let’s go quickly. We still have two hours.

        9. W: Two hamburgers and a cup of orange juice, please.

        M: Here you are. Eighteen yuan, please.

        10 . W: Is Maths your favourite subject, Tim?

        M: No, it’s difficult for me.

        W: Then it’s English, isn’t it?

        M: No, it’s art.

        II. 聽對話和短文回答問題(每小題1分,滿分10分)



        M: Amy, where are you going?

        W: Im going to the food shop, Jack.

        M: Who is going with you?

        W: Millie and Kate. Do you want to go with us?

        M: Why not? Lets go.


        Here is a photo of Ann’s family. In this photo, you can see Ann is doing her homework. Then what is Ann’s mother doing? She is watching TV with Ann’s grandmother. Where is Ann’s father? Look, he is reading an interesting book. Where is Ann’s little brother? He is sitting on the floor and playing with his teddy bear.


        (M) Hi, I am Peter. Mike is my best friend. He is from Canada. He lives with his parents in Beijing now because his parents work in Beijing. He has brown hair and black eyes. He is tall and strong. We are classmates. I like football and he likes football, too. We play football after school every day. At the weekend, he usually comes to my home to do his homework. I help him learn Chinese and he helps me with my English.


        一.1—5 CAABA 6—10 BBBAA 11—15 BCBAC 16—20ACACA

        二.21—25 CDBBD 26—30 CBCBC 31—35 ADCDC

        三.36—40 DACCA 41—45 BCAAA

        四.46—50 AABAA 51—55 BBBDC

        五.1. modern 2. teeth 3. among 4. health/fitness 5. capital

        6. to get 7. sharing 8. flies 9. forty-ninth 10. is waiting

        六.11. USA 12. Time/Date 13. coming 14. friends 15. fun

        16. Mother’s 17. third 18. dinner 19. masks 20. 25/25th

        七.21. On foot.

        22. Fish and rice.

        23. Because they are unhealthy. / Because they aren’t healthy.

        24. Watching TV.

        25. (For) 6 hours.

        八.26. much 27 lot 28 interesting 29 playing 30. When

        31. sometimes 32. away 33 see 34. wear 35 eyes

        九. 略